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Illuminated Archetype Video: THE NOMAD Chart Readings

Illuminated Archetype: THE NOMAD (Mini Chart Readings) Join Bella Krystal and Ashley Nichole as they illuminate the Nomad archetype within several people’s Gene Key Profiles. How does the Nomad show up in your life? Learn more about the Nomad here: Do you have Gene Key 42 in your profile?

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Detach from The Outcome

Detach from The Outcome – from the book Permission to Feel: Inspirational Poems For Your Awakened Consciousness by Sandra Fazio Detach from the outcome To lessen your suffering and pain When you release the grip on your life Your hands will remain more open to gain Pain is a path you must take to grow…

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Being in a relationship that just “isnt working.” (I wrote this in response to a woman saying she had no support from her husband and that he basically didnt raise her kid like she wants him to — I needed to hear this and maybe you do too) Expectations are the thief of joy.Both of…

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