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Transit 41 Contemplation

Contemplations and Wisdom with the 41st Gene Key Learn more about this energy archetype here: 41st Door Purchase the 41st gift attunement (plus others) mentioned in the video:

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Contemplations with Your Body: Transit 41

This Gene Key is connected to the amino acid Methionine which is the initiator amino acid which is used to make proteins for the body. In genetics it is considered the start codon, meaning – the body acts on what ever instructions follow this code (atg). Genetics used to believe that we were a victim…

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Aquarius New Moon 2020

On January 24, 2020 at 4:42 PM EST we have an Aquarius New Moon at 4°22′ in Human Design Gate 41.3.  When the Sun and Moon are conjunct this is when we have the New Moon.  The New Moon is a great time to start something new.   Pull your chart here to find out which house this…

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