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Illuminated Archetype: Chart Interpretations for the 36

Many chart examples with Gene Key 36 in the Activation Sequence or prominent positions in the Hologenetic Profile. How can this archetype show up in your life? How does it read? What is the difference of having it on the conscious and the unconscious side of the Activation Sequence? How does it express itself depending…

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Human Design Gate 36

As we are entering Human Design Gate 36 we are seeing the energy for crisis. People are panicking. I don’t personally have paid television, but friends are calling me in a panic. Schools are closing, events are closing and people are staying aware from airports. This is a gate that can be the energy of…

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Human Design Gate 22

While the Sun is transiting in Human Design Gate 22 I want to ask you, are you showing compassion to yourself and others? Are you suffering? What part did you play in the suffering? What can you do from this moment forward to create a life you love? What can you do that brings you…

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