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Nourishing your Body or your Ego?

Over the years, I have had a challenging time distinguishing when it’s my body or my ego that wants something. Can you relate to that? Being in the Health / Wellness service industry, and knowing what you should or shouldn’t eat/do, created a lot of shame for me when I personally didn’t follow the “rules.”…

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Here I am writing about a theme of my life I always avoid looking at clearly. Let’s dive into the story of the 27th Gene Key / Gate, the one travelling from Selfishness to Altruism and Selflessness, the one activated two times in my profile.  Oh well, it is so strange to be called selfish…

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For the Altruistic Leaders

You were born to be Selfless. The difference between being self sacrificing or self centred is separated by a few frequencies. It is already in your DNA. When you can get to the root fear that is having the expression come from the Shadow vs the Siddhi, you will shift rapidly. Embrace the shadow aspect…

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