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Transit in Gene Key 24

Addiction – Invention – Silence Gene Key 24 speaks about the continuity of life and evolution. Souls incarnate on earth in a physical form. We expand our awareness through experiences and when life ends we return to the silence. Next time we come back to earth we bring with us the cell memories of past…

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Illuminated Archetype: Chart Interpretations for the 36

Many chart examples with Gene Key 36 in the Activation Sequence or prominent positions in the Hologenetic Profile. How can this archetype show up in your life? How does it read? What is the difference of having it on the conscious and the unconscious side of the Activation Sequence? How does it express itself depending…

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Transit in Gene Key 17

I talk about Gene Key 17 and the Programming Partner Gene Key 18 and the Channel of Acceptance 17-62 – The Design of an Organizational Being. We look at some of the other planets and interpret the current activations. I mention the Rave Mandala and how to understand the transits and what Hexagram comes next.

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